Silently Screaming

Harcourt House Arts Centre (2005).  6.7m long wall drawing with eraser bits.  A poem written and erased for 10 hours on the gallery wall.


Bent and hungryJRae_Silently_Screaming

Stumbling through an open landscape

Charred spires in your periphery

Inhaling traces of soot

Cover your mouth


Weary and staggering

In depths impure

Tripping over the fallen

Scratching at your skin

Tend your wounds



Blind and thirsty

Seeking a balance beyond reach

Between what remains visible

And what only time can quench

Gasp from fatigue


Overwhelmed and shaking

Watching the ghosts pass you by

Of what once stood autonomous, glorious and robust

Vacantly silenced, understood

Deaf from its resonance


Vulnerable and collapsing

From the weathering assault

Protection and security appear minimal

Infertile is this site, barren

Silently screaming


Drawing out and erasing

Charcoal paths formerly roamed

Casting away thoughts of matriarchy

Of generations before

Halting and ceasing

So the Silent Screams will be no more



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